Long Pond Physical Therapy Treatments

Following a comprehensive initial evaluation, a treatment plan will be individually designed and implemented for the patient using the latest therapeutic techniques and technology.  At Long Pond Physical Therapy we feature equipment you will not find at every clinic, including adjustable high/low tables, mechanical cervical/lumbar traction tables, and rehabilitation specific medical exercise therapy equipment.  Long Pond Physical Therapy will coordinate efforts with your doctor in order to determine the most appropriate treatment options.

Long Pond Physical Therapy Services include but are not limited to:

• Therapeutic Massage
• Stretching
• Strengthening
• Joint Mobilization/Manipulation
• Gait Training/Analysis
• Balance Training
• Taping
• Neuromuscular Re-Education
• Ultrasound
• Electrical Stimulation
• IASTM Technique
• Whirlpool
• Moist Heat
• Cold Packs
• Contrast Baths
• Iontophoresis
• Paraffin Bath
• Laser Therapy
• Spinal Traction
• Neck Stability Training
• Back Stability Training

• Ergonomics Training

We work closely with an extensive network of physicians and healthcare practitioners from Cape Cod and the South Shore to Boston.

We accept most major insurances including health insurance, worker’s compensation, auto insurance, as well as self-pay options.