What are wellness sessions:

We like to think of wellness visits as a quick tune-up on the body or a single “feel good” session. It may be getting stretched out before a day of golf or tennis match, some moist heat on the back after shoveling a driveway, or a massage on the feet after running a 5k.

What they are not:

Wellness sessions are in no way intended as a substitute for physician ordered physical therapy.

What to expect:

Wellness session will consist of some brief questioning to obtain relevant history as well as determining what services will be beneficial. Following the initial questioning the wellness session will begin.

What services are available: Moist Heat, Electrical Stimulation, Extremity Whirlpool, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Paraffin Heat, Traction, Therapeutic Massage, Range of Motion and Stretching.


Insurances do NOT cover wellness or maintenance sessions, these sessions are self-paid visits before
the session begins.

Cost of Sessions:

The cost of the sessions depends on the service that you request. You can choose to do one of the following or any combination. Longer sessions can be requested as well

Moist Heat: $10/20 minutes
Electrical Stimulation: $15/20 min
Combo Heat and Stim: $20/20 min
Therapeutic Ultrasound: $15/10 min
Extremity Whirlpool: $15/20 min

Paraffin Heat: $15
Traction: $20/20 min
Therapeutic Massage: $15/10 min
ROM and Stretching: $15/10 min

(Longer sessions can be requested as well.)